The Incredible Ken Caminiti

A man who pretty much decided to forfeit his body

'85 Osceola Astros Team Issue # 17
I'm lucky to have this rare, rare card


I used to have this little homage here that talked about "sheer effort and drive to make the play" and wishing him luck in his alcohol recovery, but now that we know Kenny C's been smoking crack and only won his MVP 'coz he was injecting anabolic steroids into his body, I'm just disgusted with the guy, although I probably won't delete this page as I'd previously thought. "The faith of fifty million people," eh, Kenny? The guy was my favorite freaking player. What a goddmaned waste of an incredible talent.

Click here to read something about Caminiti as he was coming up through the Astros system, pre-Booze, pre-Crack, pre-'Roids.

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In order of appearance:

'95 Stadium Club Members Only # 91
'92 Triple Play # 61
'92 Upper Deck # 279


'94 Osceola Astros All-Time # 2 '91 Score # 415
'89 Lennox/HSE # 21


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