The 1964 San Antonio Bullets

By David King
Express-News Staff Writer

San Antonio's old Mission Stadium.  Judge Roy Hofheinz (and Colt .45's owner)  ordered the stadium closed in 1964, because he wanted his team out of San Antonio.  The '64 Bullets were the last baseball team to play at this venue

The Houston Colt .45s were a young franchise, but they had a baseball veteran, Paul Richards, in charge of personnel. And he loaded the team's Double-A team in San Antonio with young talent in 1964. The best was second baseman Joe Morgan, who overcame an 0-for-45 start at the plate and went on to finish second in the league in hitting (.323), lead the league in doubles (42) and earn the league's most valuable player award. Chris Zachary, who went 16-6, was the pitcher of the year, shortstop Sonny Jackson led the league in singles (135) and first baseman Chuck Harrison led the league in homers (40) and total bases (297). Dave Adlesh broke a league record by catching 130 straight games. The Bullets also had veteran relief pitcher Don Bradey, signed by Richards to boost the young pitchers' confidence by closing out games. Bradey, a 31-year-old career minor-leaguer, made 46 appearances for the Bullets, going 12-5 with a 2.86 ERA. The manager was Lou Fitzgerald, another of Richards' hires. Fitzgerald was a low-key boss, but one who knew how to motivate players. Morgan credited him with saving his career, as Fitzgerald told the young star (Morgan was 20 at the time) during his early slump that he was his second baseman, no questions asked, for the entire season. The Bullets were near the top of the standings for the first half of the season and moved into first place to stay on July 4. In the playoffs, they whipped El Paso 3-1 and avenged their loss to Tulsa in the '63 finals, winning 3-1.

1964 San Antonio Bullets

85-55 1st

Manager: Lou Fitzgerald

Position Players
First Base Chuck Harrison .298 40 119
Second Base Joe Morgan .323 12 90
Third Base Von Mc Daniel .262 17 74
Shortstop Sonny Jackson .285 2 30
Outfield Brock Davis .249 4 47
Outfield Paul Blair .311 5 52
Outfield Leo Posada .272 22 90
Catcher Dave Adlesh .203 14 54

Pitcher Chris Zachary 16 6 3.20
Pitcher Darrell Brandon 15 7 3.25
Pitcher Don Bradey 12 5 2.88
Pitcher Don Arlich 7 3 3.00