"Hard Luck" Holt
1992 Classic Four Sport Draft Pick # 275
"Hard Luck" Holt
In 1997, the National League composite ERA was an even 4.00. That year, Houston Astros pitcher Chris Holt had a 3.52 ERA, meaning he was some 12% better than the average NL starter. One might also assume that the "average" starter would go .500, right? Then how is it possible that Holt went 8 - 12 that year? Let's take a look, shall we?

1993 Fleer/ProCards
Midwest League All-Star # MDW-47

April 4, 1997 St. Louis No Decision (Astro W) Holt gives up two over six, then gives way in a tie game and the Astros win in 11
April 26 San Francisco Loss, 0 - 2 Astros manage a paltry two hits as Holt gives up four hits over eight
May 1 at Montreal Loss, 0 - 4 Holt--not at his best--gives up 4 over 6, but the offense is completely baffled by Pedro Martinez' complete-game three-hitter
June 15 Minnesota No Decision (Astros W) Holt gives up 2 over seven and leaves a tie game that Billy Wagner eventually wins
June 26 at Chicago Cubs No Decision (Astros W) Holt leaves after 6+ with a two-run lead, which Jose Lima and Billy Wagner blow. The team rallies and gives Wagner another win. This game is by the way the only one ever saved for the Astros by Blas Minor.
Holt is 7 - 5 at the break

1994 Smokey Bear
Jackson Generals Unnumbered
1997 Bowman International # 120
1997 Circa Rave # 263

July 12 at Pittsburgh No Decision (Astros L) Holt gives up no runs over 7-2/3, but Fernando Cordova and Ricardo Rincon combine to give up none over 10. It is the first time the Astros had been no-hit in 28 years and only the fourth time in major league history that a true no-hitter had gone extras. John Hudek gets torched in 2/3 of an inning for all three Pirate runs.
July 17 San Francisco Loss, 1 - 3 Gardner and Beck combine on a five hitter as Holt gives up 2 over 6
July 28 St. Louis Loss, 1 - 2 Stottlemyre and Eck give up a combined run as Tim Bogar's error allows the second, unearned, run to score
August 9 at New York Mets No Decision (Astros W) Holt gives up 3 over 6-1/3, and exits a knotted contest. Astros explode for five in the ninth and get Russ Springer the win
August 15 Philadelphia Loss, 1 - 5 Holt--after giving up two over the first eight-- gives up a hit with one out in the eighth and is asked by Dierk to depart. Russ Springer lets another guy on before serving up a longball to Rico Brogna, leaving us with the deceptive final tally. Meanwhile, Curt Schilling struck out 10 Astros and gave up one run before turning it over to Bottalico.
August 27 at Atlanta No Decision (Astros W) Holt gives up one earned over 7-1/3, but Spiers, Luis Gonzalez and Ricky Gutierrez commit errors that lead to two more runs, and Holt gets lifted in a 3 - 3 game vs Greg Maddux. 'Stros score 2 in the 13th to make a winner of Hudek and a loser of Paul Byrd.
September 1 Milwaukee Loss, 2 - 3 Again, not a great outing by Holt--he gives up 3 over 7--but the vaunted offense couldn't score four runs against Joel Adamson (5), Mike Fetters (2-1/3), Bob Wickman (2/3), or Doug Jones (1)?
September 6 at San Francisco No Decision (Astros L) Holt leaves while leading after 7 plus, and is charged with two runs. Wagner and Magnante are charged with the other 3 as the Giants win going away
September 14 Los Angeles No Decision (Astros L) Holt battles Hideo Nomo to a 3 - 3 draw after eight, and Billy Wagner loses it in ten
September 24 Chicago Cubs Loss, 1 - 3 Mark Clark, of all people, gives up 1 over 6-2/3, while guys with names like "Bob Patterson," "Marc Pisciotta," and "Terry Adams" combine to give up 2 hits and no runs over the final 2-1/3 to slam the door on Holt--who'd given up 2 earned over 6 full-- and his season
Holt ends up 8 - 12; he was 1 - 7 in the second half with a 2.61 ERA

1997 Pinnacle Certified Mirror
Gold # 132
1998 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion
# 162G
1998 Pacific Paramount
Copper # 172

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