Kevin Gallaher: Every 7-Inning AA Split No-Hitter is an Unrepeatable Miracle

At the end of the dismal 2000 season for the Astros, I caught some guy on the net talking about how the Astros should have picked up then-free-agent David Wells, even if they had to give up a pitching prospect. Roy Oswalt or Wilfredo Rodriguez were prominently mentioned. Now the guy wasn't saying to trade Oswalt or Rodriguez, but he wasn't saying NOT to trade them either, because they were prospects, not proven major leaguers. And he made a big deal about Baseball America's annual top prospect lists, where Gallaher was number 6 on the Astros' list for 1994.

So basically, the guy felt those lists meant nothing, 'cause Tom Nevers (another guy highly touted by BA) or Gallaher never contributed at Houston. But what the guy doesn't mention is Gallaher's rotator cuff surgery. THAT'S what changed everything, in the way that Pedro Astacio's injury changed the 2001 season. ANY pitcher, prospect or "proven" veteran, can blow out his shoulder at any time, it seems.

Before Gallaher's '95 injury, and discounting his rookie year at Auburn in '91, while he was still working out his switch from the outfield, Gallaher gave up 311 hits in 394 innings while striking out 275. His ERA's might have been a little high, because the walks were, but he also never had an ERA over 3.85. And of course there was April 10, 1994 when starting for the Jackson Generals, he combined with Jamie Daspit to no-hit the Tulsa Drillers in a seven inning game 3 - 0.

Ahh. . .what might have been. Anyway, here's some cards. . . .

1995 Bowman # 142 1993/94 Classic #16 1994/95 Fleer/Excel #202

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