Cameron Drew--The legacy is mostly in the minor league All-Star cards

1986 ProCards Asheville 1987 ProCards Columbus 1987 Donn Jennings Southern 1988 ProCards Tuscon Toros 1988 ProCards AAA 1988 CMC Tuscon Toros 1988 CMC AAA All-Star 1989 Donruss 1989 Score
Tourists Unnumbered Astros # 847 League All-Star # 7 # 188 All-Star # AAA-44 # 14 # 37 # 30 # 643

And then vanished . . .

Really it's kinda mysterious. The guy was drafted # 12 in the nation in '85 and hit .291 during his first pro season at Auburn, then took off. . .Led the South Atlantic League for 1986 in home runs and RBI's, while finishing second in batting average, and swept the league's MVP award. After being promoted to AA Columbus the next year, was an All-Star in the Southern League, too, hitting .313 with 14 home runs through the July 13 break. Fell to .280 for the season during the second half, but then torched the PCL during the first half of 1988, and was actually at .373 when an inflamed knee shut him down for five weeks. Only hit .188 in his September call up to the dome, but that probably wasn't a big deal, right? Entering 1989, Drew had made his league's all star team every year but his first. He must have gone into spring training as the favorite to make the Houston roster. . .Then nothing. He never played another game in the Astros organization. What happened, Cameron?

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