Davey Lopes Eclipses Honus Wagner

1987 Topps # 4

Actually, I'm not sure what Topps was talking about. As the card notes, Lopes had actually turned 40 May 3 of 1985, while playing for the Cubs. Lopes stole 47 bases for the Cubs that year, and 42 of them came after May 3. So Lopes already owned the record when he joined the Astros for 1986. Lopes' 25 steals for the Astros was not a record even then--because Lopes already owned the record--and anyway has since been surpassed, when Rickey Henderson stole 37 in 1999. But, as you can see, the mark he established with the Cubs the year before still has not been broken. Lopes stole 66 bases after his 40th birthday, compared with 61 for Wagner, but also compared with 109 for Henderson. He stole two more bases in 1987, and retired with 557 lifetime, 165 fewer than Honus Wagner, but 7 more than Cesar Cedeño.