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Astroland Search -- An Index of 34,824 Houston Astro Baseball Cards (and Counting)
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  • Search Results woo for "Topps Venezuelan"
        1.1962 Topps Venezuelan # 74 No Better Than VG-EX Bob Lillis
        2.1962 Topps Venezuelan # 156 No Better Than VG-EX Merrit Ranew
        3.1962 Topps Venezuelan # 177 No Better Than VG-EX Bobby Shantz
        4.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 23 No Better Than VG-EX Chris Zachary
        5.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 56 No Better than VG-EX Hal Brown
        6.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 121 No Better Than VG-EX Pete Runnells
        7.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 142 No Better Than VG-EX John Bateman
        8.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 158 No Better Than VG-EX Ken Johnson
        9.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 241 No Better Than VG-EX Jim Owens
      10.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 256 No Better Than VG-EX Johnny Weekly
      11.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 282 No Better Than VG-EX Bob Bruce
      12.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 298 No Better Than VG-EX Harry Craft
      13.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 321 No Better Than VG-EX Bob Lillis
      14.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 339 No Better Than VG-EX Walt Bond
      15.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 354 No Better Than VG-EX Dave Giusti
      16.1964 Topps Venezuelan # 370 No Better Than VG-EX Hal Woodeshick
      17.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 21 No Better Than VG-EX Don Nottebart
      18.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 45 No Better Than VG-EX Jim Gentile
      19.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 64 No Better Than VG-EX Bob Bruce
      20.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 122 No Better Than VG-EX Joe Gaines
      21.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 147 No Better Than VG-EX Lum Harris
      22.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 162 No Better Than VG-EX Lee Maye
      23.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 174 No Better Than VG-EX Ron Taylor
      24.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 228 No Better Than VG-EX Larry Dierker
      25.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 258 No Better Than VG-EX Dave Giusti
      26.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 297 No Better Than VG-EX Jim Owens
      27.1966 Topps Venezuelan # 352 No Better Than VG-EX Bob Aspromonte
      28.1968 Topps Venezuelan # 57 No Better Than EX Dan Schneider
      29.1968 Topps Venezuelan # 359 No Better Than EX Joe Moeller
      30.2013 Topps Heritage Venezuelan # 140 Carlos Peña
      31.2013 Topps Heritage Venezuelan # 271 Matt Dominguez
      32.2013 Topps Heritage Venezuelan # 381 Fernando Martinez
      33.2013 Topps Heritage Venezuelan # 445 Lucas Harrell
      34.2013 Topps Heritage Minor League Venezuelan # 26 Delino Deshields, Jr.
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