Up through the minors, by Glenn Carpenter

Carpenter was an all-star first baseman at Asheville in 1982, when he hit .323 for the Tourists, and at Daytona Beach in 1983, when he led the Florida State League in RBI's with 104. He was invited to Astros' spring training in 1988, but never reached the majors.

Top left and around the horn:

'83 TCMA Daytona Beach Astros # 18
'86 ProCards Tuscon Toros Unnumbered
'87 ProCards Tuscon Toros # 2111
'88 ProCards Tuscon Toros # 173
'88 CMC Tuscon Toros # 12
And below:
'87 Jones Photo Tuscon Toros Unnumbered

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