The Annotated Jamie Evans

1991 Classic/Best Auburn Astros # 7:
  Running parallel with the first base line at Falcon Park in Auburn, New York, is a large wire fence. Behind this fence is a gently sloping, grassy hill, and hanging over the hill, almost to the fence itself are two large weeping willows. The owners of the house at the top of the hill, each night I was at the park, came down from their home with lawn chairs and those large igloo coolers of I don't know what and watched the game through the fence from midway up the hill under the New York state summer night sky, at least until about the sixth inning or so. Just about perfect is what I'd call that. Anyway, in this card, you see the fence, a little bit of the hill, and the willows.

1992 Classic/Best Asheville Tourists # 12:
  I never made it to McCormick Park in Asheville, unfortunately, before the Astros pulled out after the 1993 season, but I just thought that the picture on this card was cool, with this right-hander's curveball (it looks like) suspended in space by the camera as it twists toward the plate.

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