Photos of the 1974 Cedar Rapids Astros

An Astros fan by the name of Kathleen Soisson won these photos on eBay, then scanned and emailed them to me for inclusion on this website. As far as the Astroman is concerned, for Houston Astro minor league memorabilia, this is like the Gospel of Thomas or something, a major find. Thanks again to this very kind woman.

Another team picture along with stats

Standing L-R: Bob Cluck, Kevin Drake, Jorge Moreno, Tom Rima, Eric Brown, Mgr. Leo Posada, GM Don Buckheister
Kneeling L-R: Pastor Perez, Fernando Tatis, Tom Twellman, Cal Portley, Alex Taveras

Manager Leo Posada

Infielder Fernando Tatis

Outfielder Kevin Drake

Pitcher Dave Aloi

Pitcher Tom Rima

Pitcher Luis Sanchez

Joe Sambito and Alex Taveras receive their Major Awards

Another team picture along with stats